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This week I rant about Baby Girl Lisa and also announcing my new Patreon!

Mason Gets an Instagram

This week I start off with a respite from La Rona and recap Married at First Sight! 

Updates on on Kim and Taylor pt. 95973 and Lori Vallow plus the latest Before the 90 Days recap!

This episode is a mixed bag of distractions for you! Wash your hands!

Today is the first in a serious of bonus episodes! I'm joined by Megan O'Donnell of Bravo Happy Hour to recap Jax and Brittany's wedding episode! (There are slight technical diffic...

This week I'm joined by my sister Kelly to discuss the latest episode of Married at First Sight plus a 90 Day Fiance Recap! Stay safe and wash your hands!

This week Ash increases his flower budget, we meet our first bisexual cast member, and Lisa gets body shamed!

This week I'm joined by Rachel Fisher of Hollywood Crime Scene & 90 Day Fiance Slumber Party to recap the Love is Blind reunion, and I discuss the latest Married at First Sight...

This week the Americans are preparing to head to their lover's countries, Darcey gets triggered, and we meet my new favorite  - Trinda. Plus, a special Super Tuesday edition of Kar...

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